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Chomchom Sweet চমচম


Chomchomcham cham, or chum chum (Bengaliচমচম) is a traditional Bengali sweet originated from PorabariTangail, Bangladesh. It is a very popular dessert in Bangladesh and India. The cuisine comes in a variety of colors, mainly light pink, light yellow, and white. It is coated with coconut or mawa flakes as a garnish. The sweet is oval and brownish. JOYKALI MISTANNA BHANDAR retains the originality of actual porabari chomchom. JOYKALI’s chomchom(chamcham) still has the traditional taste and flavour of original porabari chomchom.


The main ingredients are flour, creamsugarsaffronlemon juice, and coconut flakes.

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Soan papdi


Soan papdi (also known as patisason paprisohan papdi or shonpapri[2] is a popular Indian dessert. It is usually cube-shaped or served as flakes, and has a crisp and flaky texture. It was traditionally sold loose in a rolled paper cone, but modern industrial production has led it to be sold in tightly formed cubes.